Firebread TM

3334 Cleveland Ave

Fort Myers FL-33901, USA

Why Firebread


*****     Trade Mark   

*****     one of a kind product/Unique
*****     Fun & Style & Tasty combined
*****     Simple operation
*****     Many product possibilities
*****     Close partnership

*****     Minimal Invest

*****     Maximal Cross Income

*****     Minimal running cost

*****     You make your menue

*****     You make your open/closed time

*****     You can fill Firebread with your Cuisine

*****     You are your owen Boss

*****     no % from your sale

*****     only a yearly licence fee

Partner from Firebread

Founded in 2014 in Austria, Firebread, is a family business that prides itself in specializing baking an all-natural old style bread. Uniquely shaped hand-crafted Bread rolls and Bread Hut. Firebread worked for a long time with the traditional Hungarian kurtos Kalasc recipe where in 2015, after years of experimentation, the Fantastic Firebread emerged. And the complete company was restructured to pure generation of Firebread. Of course, Kurtos Calasc will still be created. The focus is Firebread. Firebread is in Europe and in United States a Trade Marke.

Firebread is quickly become a staple at local farmers markets and Events in the greater Lee County area.
Firebread expanded and is ready to spread this delicious Firebread across the nation.

They have a lucrative Licence opportunity, with a widely popular product (bread) and unique product (Firebread), a huge upside for growth and a great potential for profit.


Owning a Firebread business provides you with the opportunity to partner with a highly successful team of experts who have already mastered this. They not only know how to make the business profitable. You can change your menue plan when ever you want.



In the crowded Bakery industry, Firebread stands out for its unique concept. Its loyal customers and our high quality Firebread are proof of their success. If you are looking for a rapidly growing business that can be started at a low cost with little overhead then Firebread is right for you.

Offering for Food Vendor

We offering in this Moment Partner ship for Mobile Vendor , 

you need a Food handler licence,white Vendor Tent, Tables, Car, Firebread Equipmant,

start up packgage around $ 7.500

Gross sale monthly around $ 12.000 - $ 15.000 income around $ 7.000

We offering

* Know How

* Great Events (when you want)

* Unique Product (trademark)

* Commercial Kitchen

* Promotion

* Great Product

* Controlling from Product

* Free Training from the Products

* Sales Training

More information

give us a short call 702.488.8230 or e-mail

Offering for existing Business

You have a existing Business and you want sale Food

* Bar

* Restaurant

* Ice Cream Shop

* Brewery

* Destillery

* Office

* Fast Food Location

* Sandwich Shop........ etc


available ? we have the right product´s for you

you need only a Toaster Oven or a Microwave. --Frozen-- you can serving piece by piece

19 different products for you


You have interest to serving Firebread

Breakfast ?

Lunch ?

Dinner ?

Meals to go !!!!!!!!!!! -- Frozen-- piece by piece

We bring a great unique product in your great location


You want to start a Firebread Location (or you have a existing location)

a short way and a small invest for you.

To start with a unique great Meals to go Firebread.

More information

give us a short call 702.488.8230 or e-mail